Saturday, December 9, 2017


Idea of a winter outfit

Hey everyone! Long time no see:) It has almost been a year since I uploaded something on this blog. I can't say that I really didn't want to, but there was really not much to post. And there was no inspiration to create something to be honest. But now I really want to start fresh and finally do what I orriginally intended to - start developing my taste and sence of style. Here's what I want to begin with. 

Yesterday I came across a pretty interesting instagram account of a stylist-girl who has her own school, where she teaches people to develop their style. At the moment she's holding a competition. All you have to do is create a winter-related outfit on Polyvore and post it on Instagram with her specific hashtag. She'll choose a few outfits she thinks are the best ones and her subscribes will pick the one which is best of all and the winner will get to study at her online school for free. That idea caught me thinking that I would love to have an opportunity to learn something new for myself and develop my own style as well as get some interesting styling tips which I can also share with you guys. And... Then I came up with this look) 

It's a mix of comfort and chique. The styped sweater kind of completes the stripes on the sleaves of this very trendy faux shearling coat and the pleated skirt adds a note of girlyness to the outfit. There's no need to even add heels to make this outfit girly - these nice ankle boots will be perfect for winter, aspecially if you live in a snowy area (you know, how uncomfortable and slippery walking on heels can get). The bag with the red and black plaid print just screams winter (aspecially Christmas) to me) Add a nice black keppie and grey tights and you're good to go. Nice warm and still very fashionable. Just it for a nice winter day, whether you decide to go drink coffee with a friend or going to the movies... Even for a date night) 

I would like to incorpriate such outfit into my wardrobe and will try to do it in the nearest future. Would you like to see pictures of me wearing a similar outfit? Let me know by leaving a comment to this post. And I would also like to know your oppinion on this look. Would you wear something like this? What would you add/change? I'd love recieving some feedback! Thanks for reading) 

Until next time!

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